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Joel Smith (President/CEO)

Steve Dixon (Lead Fabricator)

DJ Krug (Salesman)

Austin Suain (Online Sales)

Dakota Vaughn (Fabricator)
Kurt Goodell (Shipping Supervisor)


Close Racing Supply was originally started in 1996 by local late model racer Bob Close. Bob started the business to service a few local race tracks with tires, fuel, and parts. In 2000, Bob hired Todd Andrew's long time late model crew chief and fabricator, Joel Smith, as his first employee. Before long, CRS was assembling and building quality race cars for many local racers in a variety of divisions. Each year that passed, they became more successful and were gaining a larger customer base outside of their local area. As the customer base grew, so did the need for more employees.

The next employee was Mike 'Duke' Duclon, who was hired to help in the shop with steel fabrication and welding. Duke was a good fit as his attention to detail was second to none when it came to chassis construction and building components. Soon we needed even more help and landed local racer Steve Dixon for part time help assembling cars. After Duke's departure in 2008, Steve became full time and the duo of Steve and Joel produced some of the nicest quality race cars and components you could find.

As business continued to grow larger than what Bob had anticipated and the need for more employees grew, Bob decided to sell the business to long time employee, Joel, in 2014. Joel was up for the challenge of a growing company and willing to take it to the next level. At this time, Joel became less of a fabricator and more of a leader in keeping all the pieces of the puzzle together. Steve took over as the main fabricator and we hired more employees to help with the growing demand of not only cars, but also the added in house components being manufactured. This was when CRS Race Components was born as a division of Close Racing Supply.

In the spring of 2021, construction began on a larger facility to become the new home of CRS. This new space was able to give us more room for greater inventory, a larger showroom, and a larger shop space. All of this to take care of our growing customer base. Today we employ a number of employees in sales, shipping and receiving, fabrication, and more, along with a few part time helpers. CRS and its employees take pride in building and selling high quality products to help the racer get to victory lane!


Thanks for stopping and checking out our newly created website and online shopping. Some may think we are a little late with online shopping; however, we believe the timing is perfect. We wanted to make sure we could take care of our customers with enough inventory and be competitive with pricing. We have been successful for a number of years without online shopping, but we also know how important this type of purchasing is to our current and potential new customers.

Our first priority with online shopping is CRS branded and manufactured products. As we finish our own line of components, we will then follow with adding other major manufacturers to our online shopping lists. Companies like Wehrs Machine, Allstar Performance, Winters Performance, AFCO, Wilwood, Beyea, Dirt Defender, Schoenfeld, Keyser, Superior Fuel Cells, Sweet MFG, QuickCar, Aero Race Wheels, KSE, Dynamic Drivelines, Fragola, Kirkey, Ultrashield, Weld, Longacre, DMI, PEM, Bob Harris Ent, and more. Stop back occassionally and check out any new products and product lines we will be adding. If you have any questions make sure to give us a call at 814-225-3250.

To view a full list of manufacturers we have in stock click here. If you want to purchase items from any of the ones listed or are curious if we have access to other brands as well call us at 814-225-3250 or send us an email at We would be happy to assist you in getting your order placed before these items hit our online store.

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